Omaha Camera Club 

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Jan 05, 2021                                                                            Meeting Minutes


Present: 24  members

Guests: Jim and Judy  Schaefer, Steve Walling


I. New business:

1. Don Otis thanked to Chris Amberg’s devoted works to the club these past two years as president.

2. The president of the cub reminded the members for the  annual fee dues were due December 31st but we have a grace period until January 31st. He encouraged members to invite friends regarding fresh voices and point of views.

3. Board meeting  - next week January 12th. Topic: Review the bylaws.

4. Website committee  (Don Otis, John Kugler Kuegler, Dorothy Sansom, Eva Lovas )  reported the meeting via Zoom with Marty Welter regarding the new website design. Marty shared ideas and sketches about the desired look. Follow-up meeting is coming.

5. Larry Headley is working on “Who we are” part of the website.

6. Larry Headley agreed to serve as Judges Chair and will organize the judges for the monthly competitions.

He needs new volunteers for each month’s competitions. Members can send their names to Larry Headley in e-mail: lheadley46@gmail.com.

7. Print competition chair position will be open  for next year. Details are coming.

8. A back-up projectionist is needed to step in for Ed if he is not available. Members, please, volunteer.

9. Dorothy Sansom reported her plan about the programs throughout the year. Great plans, Dorothy!


II. Old business:

1. La Casa exhibition is ending on January 18th. The take down starts at 9:00. Nikki McDonald graciously volunteered to help those who can’t take down their photos. Nikki would take them down and store for a while. Make an arrangement with her.

2. February monthly digital competition is due on Febr 1st to Allen Kurth. Send your pictures to Allen : occdigitalcontest@gmail.com; homework: Macro. Remember the deadline is the same for N4C entries. Send you photo to Nikki: OmahaN4C@cox.net

3. Larry Headley reported that a PSA representative is available for a presentation on judging.  Only 8 people can be active in the dialog with other club members being allowed to observe the presentation. 

4. Larry Schmidt reported of 50% of the members paid their annual fee.

5. Nikki McDonald reported excellent participation in the N4C competition. Our club judged Nature last month so we have double entries for this category this month. 



N4C Convention is in September 23-26. Early bird registration is  open  from May 21st. It will be held in Duluth, MN. See more information about the convention : http://n4c.us/meetings.htm


III. Show & Tell - participants:

Eva Lovas, Heather Vanderveen, Janiece Kinzle, John Kugler, Mark Wooge, Marty Barker, Mike Barker, Nikki McDonald, Paul Evans, Trish Place. 


Meeting adjourned at: 8:20 pm


Notetaker: Eva Lovas - secretary

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