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November 5, 2019

Omaha Camera Club Meeting Minutes


6:30 6:35:  welcome/new members – 0 Visitors, 24 members present, including Mike and Marti Barker in town for the week.


6:35  old business updates


- Nikki: Papillion Library Exhibit update; all members of the Omaha Camera Club  are invited to participate in a a December 2019 - January 2020 exhibit at the Sump Memorial Library in downtown Papillion 

            Dec. 3rd- drop pictures at library between 4:30-5;00. (or arrange to have someone else take them.)

            5:00 -6:15 – supper at Brownies: (across the street South from the library)

            6:30 regular meeting in the room reserved for the club in the library

            Dec. 4th  committee will hang pictures 


Print competition for November:  Bring competition entries to Donna T.   next meeting. Remember Homework assignment is Black and White.

 Judging system seems to be working.  New volunteers to judge are welcome to let Chris know.

 N4C Digital Competition Awards for October

There were fifty-eight entries; of these we submitted 48, eight in each of the six categories (DA, DB, DJ, DN, DP, DT).  Twelve OCC members participated.There were run-offs in all categories except Altered Reality and Black and White this month.Besides naming a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner in each category, N4C awards Honorable Mentions to the top 10% of the category entrants and Merit Awards to those in the top 25%.  Six OCC members received a total of 17 awards:

1st Place: Mike Barker (DJ)Honorable Mention: Mike Barker (DA); Nikki McDonald (DA and DT); Paul Bellinger (DN); Allen Kurth (DP)Merits: Paul Bellinger (DA, DB); Allen Kurth(DJ, DA); Mike Barker (DP, DT); Marty Barker (DA, DJ, DN); Chris Amberg (DP); Nikki McDonald (DN) 


6:40 -   early cookie break, Thank you Cookie master, Paul.


7:00-8:25 Show and Tell.

This show and tell program revealed the influence of Max Muir’s presentation,  with several Black and white images and some panoramas using Max’s techniques , not to mention  travel images from around the world.



-Next Meeting: Nov. 19th  Print Competition.


Guest Judge will be  Linda Meigs,  Bio:

 Tickets to Disney's “Westward Ho the Wagons” at the Dundee Theater were my first art award. I was a preschooler. Art and history were linked in play even before kindergarten, as bunk beds became Conestoga wagons.  

After graduation from The University of Kansas with a BFA in Printmaking and a History Minor, I lived and traveled in Europe for six months before returning to hometown Omaha. I worked as a graphic designer and illustrator while maintaining a studio art-practice. 

My first community involvement was in the mid 70’s as Board member of Landmarks, a historic preservation advocacy.

Through the ’80’s as a mother of four at Washington Elementary, I invented a PTA role; “Cultural Arts Chair.” For ten years I created a yearly theme and organized monthly visits by artists, storytellers, historians and Humanities presenters.  My husband and I bought rental properties to help with anticipated college expenses. Since John had a “real” job and I was only an “artist,” I also became a hands-on “landlady."

In 1993 I wrote, illustrated and self-published a children’s book, “Nebraska from A to Z.”  I periodically taught art: at Metropolitan Community College, Joslyn, art-in-the-schools, and most recently as a traveling artist with “WhyArts?”.

Art, preservation, history, community and education seemed separate threads in my life until In 1998 the Florence Mill braided these threads together into one project. The Florence Mill fit like a pioneer glove as an art and history installation as well as a preservation project. Like art, it was making something out of nothing. 

It was an idea filled with 14,000 pounds of fermented grain, trash, dirt, dead animals and pigeon poop. That first year 1,000 visitors came to see hand-hewn Mormon timbers . It wasn’t even open.

This is my 21st summer as the mill’s steward: Volunteer Director, Curator, Educator, Fundraiser, Public Relations, Docent and Janitor.

Today the Florence Mill hosts events, exhibits and workshops related to agriculture, history and art as well as a Sunday Farmers Market. 

The ArtLoft hosts a unique art award, the Connor Meigs Art Award, in memory of our late son.

Despite a long career as an artist, I will not perhaps be remembered as an artist. 

More likely I’ll be remembered as the Mill Lady.


Notes:  Program ideas,  Workshop topics with (member volunteer presenters),  shoot sessions  all welcome.  Please send your ideas to Chris.

Name  tags:  New name tags are in the offing and will use your same holder.  If you have lost yours, please let Sandy know so we can replace it.


Respectfully submitted,  

Sandy Wentworth, secretary

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