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OCC Board Meeting Minutes


6:30-8:30 pm Nov. 12, at Granite City, Westroads (restaurant). Members present included Chris Amberg, president, Sandy Wentworth, Don Cross, Larry Headley, Donna Turner, and Paul Evans. Scott Parker was absent.


Points of discussion

  • Two club meetings are required in November/December, per the Bylaws, instead of three. Our Website calendar shows three, which will be rectified by Ed Bastedo to two.. The next board meeting will be held Jan 14th (NOTE: will need to be rescheduled as Chris is out of town). There will be no 3rd club meeting in Dec. to allow all to travel and celebrate holidays.

  • Christmas/Holiday party.  Our holiday party will be held Jan. 28 when the calendar is not so packed with family and friend events.  Sandy will bring chicken and another volunteer could bring another meat dish if they wish. Other members will bring a side dish.  We will need 2 people to bring beverages and cups, and one person to bring plates, napkins and serving supplies.  A signup sheet will be circulated at the next meeting and again on the first week of January.  We are hoping to revisit the team photo game we played last year using photos submitted by members to guess in teams. 

  • Awards for Member of the Year, and Newcomer of the year will be presented at the party and will be in the form of a certificate of appreciation and a $100 gift card.


  • Annual dues – Dues are $35 per single member, $45 for couples and will be available for renewal starting at our next meeting with the deadline on Jan. 31.

  • Board of Directors: 2 year term.  Donna T is willing to serve as print chairman for the coming year,  Don C  is willing to stay on as treasurer if necessary,  Larry H.  will return as board member. Chris and Paul continue in their positions.  Secretary position may be open due to health concerns for Sandy.

  • Annual Meeting: December?  Elections? This topic was not concluded.


Upcoming Programs

  • Mentoring night - rotate "stations" on different topics.  (Nikki idea)

  • Speakers?  Enough cash to get someone more notable, perhaps partner with Lincoln CC or Fontenelle CC. 

  • Outside shoot? (in place of a meeting, perhaps?)

  • It was suggested that some Nat. Geographic Tutorial programs might be short enough and interesting to the club and PSA webinars were also mentioned to fill some program meetings. A tour of a photo lab was suggested by Paul.


Archiving Records (Larry)

Larry handed out a list of the materials from our archives that he has scanned and stored on a hard drive and a flash drive.  Resolution is still to be determined as to where the physical devices would be stored and what to do about the hard copies of the club documents.


Respectfully submitted by Sandy Wentworth, secretary

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