Omaha Camera Club Board

Omaha Camera Club Board Meeting


Online via Zoom


Present: Don Otis, Chris Amberg, Donna Gray, Dorothy Sansom, Karry Headley, Larry Schmidt, Eva Lovas




  1. Programs for the next year;

  2. Changing the dates od deadlines for both N4C and club competition.
    Board members agreed on the new deadlines as a first of each month of the competition.

  3. Don Otis asked about the procedure of minutes uploaded to the website.
    Secretary would send the minutes to the president for approval.
    After that secretary would send it to the webmaster for publishing.

  4. Dorothy Sansom will lead a committee of 3-4 members of the club to collect ideas of the content of the website of the club.

  5. Chris Amberg suggested to have more transparency of the treasury. Regular report of the balance; income statements; expenses etc.

  6. Board discussed how to pay membership fee online but no decision was made.

  7. Membership development: members are encouraged to invite guests to the meetings.
    Larry Headley suggested to ask the members what changes, new things they would like to see. 

  8. Due to recruiting new members contact link to the president should be on the website .
    President will monitor this e-mail account frequently.

  9. Website: should be bold and “speech” toward to the public.
    What content the members want to see on it.
    Website is paid until April. Question brought up if club should hire someone to manage the website?
    No decision was made on that.

  10. Paypal account setup. No cash this year as a payment.

  11. Don Otis suggested to open FNB account (?)

  12. New PSA rep is needed.  Dorothy Sansom volunteered for that position. PSA membership is paid until 2021.

  13. 13. Dorothy Sansom informed the board of the early registration to N4C convention in Duluth MN in September 2021.
    Question was brought up about support 1 or 2 members to participate. No decision was made about it.


Next online club meeting : Dec 8, 2020 


Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.


Notetaker: Eva Lovas, secretary

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