Show and Tell FAQ



Q. What can I do to help the Show and Tell portion of our meetings go quickly and smoothly?

A. See below.   


Q. How many photos should I submit?

A. Generally up to 8, but only 3 or 4 if you would like specific feedback regarding them.


Q. How should I submit photos?

A. Use a thumb drive. It helps if it has your name on it in case the projectionist has problems or questions. Best is to keep one thumb drive just for Show and Tell and keep no other files on it. (If you use a Mac, your thumb drive must be formatted as “FAT32.”)


Q. How do I make the folder easy to find?

A. Put your photos in a folder on the root of the thumb drive, not nested in another folder. Name the folder using the date of the Show and Tell and whatever info you think helpful. For example:

  • •    IrvsSnT201909

  • •    Show and Tell September 2019

  • •    My Photos 092019

(Photos will be shown alphabetically by folder name, so if you want to go first, start your folder name with “aaaaa” or something. If you want to go last, try “zzzzzz.” No guarantees.)


Q. What should I name my photos?

A. Filenames don’t matter at all, unless you want your photos to be shown in a particular order. In that case, name your files alphanumerically in the order you would like them to be seen. Examples:

  • •    01, 02, 03, etc.

  • •    a, b, c, d, etc.


Q. What file type should I use?

A. JPG is highly preferred. If you’re concerned about data loss, try PNG.


Q. Does file size matter?

A. No, but 1920 pixels on the long side is good. Smaller may not display well on the screen.


Q. What if I want to do something different from the above?

A. Go for it. Your participation is most important.


Q. I just take pictures and all this geek stuff confuses me. What should I do?

A. Everyone should have a tame geek available for these times, but if you’re confused, just do what you want or ask in the Facebook group or via email.



Please don't confuse these guidelines with the N4C or Club competition rules!

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